Suncoast View: iPhone Outdoor Photography Tips

I spend a little time with the ladies on Suncoast View, discussing a few basic tips to make sure you're capturing the best smartphone photos possible!

  1. Hold your phone like a camera, not a phone!
    Instead of holding your phone as you would when texting or making a call, rotate and hold it sideways with two hands. Photos and video look better in landscape (horizontal) format, and this stabilizes the camera and helps prevent any blurring or shaking.

  2. Don't use digital zoom.
    Digital zoom is what our smartphones use to get closer to the subject, usually by pinching the screen to zoom in and out. While useful for getting up close, using digital zoom degrades image quality, especially in low light, so avoid using it, and move around with your feet to get the composition you want.

  3. Edit your photos with a premium app.
    Don't stop after you've taken the photo! Download an app to help bring out the colors in your images, such as Camera+ or VSCO. If you don't want to download an extra app, you can always use the great Photos app on the iPhone, which allows you to edit exposure and colors, apply filters, and more; and best of all, it's already on your phone!

  4. Use enough light.
    Mobile phone cameras need adequate light to avoid a dark, noisy result, so be sure your subject is bathed in light, and avoid shooting directly into the sun for best results.

  5. Keep the lens clean.
    Cameras are used heavily and spend a lot of time in pockets and purses, so keep a microfiber cloth with you (or in a pinch, the end of a soft shirt) and keep the lens wiped off before shooting.

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